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Ok, so if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! It’s only the middle of the month, but every week/every day there is something going on to raise awareness. Last week, CRI (at Georgia Southern) and Zeta Tau Alpha hosted “Pilates for Pink” at the RAC. This was an event set up by Shape magazine and gyms across the nation hosted their own Pilates for Pink. I was unable to attend, so I’m not sure how exactly it was set up or anything, but from what I’ve heard from others there was a great turn out.
Since October began, I personally have dedicated numerous facebook statuses & tweets to this great cause and both of my pictures (on facebook & twitter) have a pink ribbon in the bottom right corner. I have always been concerned about breast cancer and have always helped with the cause, but I suppose I have more so this year since my mom was diagnosed last spring. Since being diagnosed she’s undergone many surgeries and seen many doctors and is now in the recovery stage (woohoo!!), but ever since we found out it seems as if more & more people keep popping up in our lives that are also survivors or that have been close to someone (such as a family member or friend) who has diagnosed, as well. It is crazy how many lives breast cancer (and any cancer at that) has affected in recent years. Every time you step in to a store there is something to purchase with proceeds to go the Susan G. Komen Organization; even in near-by Savannah there is a pink firetruck that is for breast cancer awareness that you can sign & take pictures with. (side note: my parents will be visiting this weekend and I fully plan on taking them to Savannah and finding this firetruck.)
So, whether you know someone personally who has dealt with breast cancer, have been diagnosed yourself, or have no connection to it what-so-ever, get out there do something! Help raise awareness and/or participate in some activity related to raising awareness/money for a cure! It’s so easy and probably right outside your door 🙂


I’m not quite sure if this is the right thing to be doing for my PR Connections, but I still found this interesting otherwise. As some people know, I used to have an odd love for the band/commercials, so of course I was devastated when I heard the company was looking for a new band. And now, according to they have found their winners! This band will debut at the MTV Awards on Sept.12 and I can only hope they are just as wonderful as the original band.

One of my friend’s from home emailed me a link to a blog post that I found to be very interesting/entertaining so I thought I would share it here with everyone. It is entitled “Does anybody date anymore?” and I just think it is perfect for college students all over to read, because really.. DOES anybody date anymore?! I can honestly say I haven’t been on a date (like what we see in movies and on tv shows, etc.) in over a year … ridiculous! I almost feel like I could have written the post, but I didn’t so here is the link, please go read and enjoy!startdating1 DISCLAIMER: THIS ARTICLE DOES HAVE SOME INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE…JUST IN CASE YOU AREN’T COMFORTABLE WITH THAT!

Ok, so for anyone who knows me/my roommate, we don’t regularly watch TV and when we do there is a very good chance that it is stuck on channel 8 (the guide channel). But for the occasional and few times that we change it to something more entertaining we mostly look forward to certain commercials. These commercials are just fabulous and we have memorized them to the point where we not only sing along for our own entertainment, but we also entertain our friends/brighten their days when they need brightening.
Here are a couple examples:


I realize that both of these companies have made numerous commercials, but these are by far the best two that both I and my roommate know every word to! If anyone ever needs a “pick me up” or just a good laugh, let one of us know and we will whip out one of the above commercials for ya!

Oh and here’s one that I must add that doesn’t have a song, but just a great quote at the end that I absolutely love! Cell phone commercials have had some great moments in the past, but this is by far my favorite one as of yet.

“she thinks you’re super delicious”

Well it’s the Tuesday after Spring Break, and even though I should be well rested and ready to get back to everything I’m not. I need another week or maybe a month. My Spring Break was actually really relaxing, I spent Saturday thru Wednesday in Savannah (had to do the whole St.Patrick’s Day thing of course) and then went to my friend’s house in Daytona! It was so nice to finally get to sleep in and not have any work to worry about getting done, but I did miss everyone that went to PCB on break; however, now that I’m back I am fairly certain that I am maybe 1 of 10 people from Georgia Southern that saved money last week rather than went broke! 🙂

The group from St.Patrick's Day & also my favorite of the trip!

The group from St.Patrick's Day & also my favorite of the trip!

Just sitting in my apartment putting off packing & everything that goes along with it. Went and commented on Kacie’s post about Arbor Day and sad that I didn’t get to go volunteer because it would have a been a really fun day with the kids 🙂 Not sure how to link to my comment so here is the URL for it:

I guess now I should begin the packing since we leave for Savannah in about 4-5 hours.


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