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Getting Along with Journalists

Posted on: 12/01/2010

These are my Ch.11 notes from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

  • media relations is the core activity in many PR jobs
  • 2/3 of journalists say they don’t just PR people, but 81% say they need them anyway
  • PR materials save the media time, money, and effort of gathering their own news; no medium has enough reporters to cover all the available news
  • the relationship between public relations and the media is based on mutual cooperation, trust, & respect
  • the excesses of hype and promotion have caused many journalists to openly disdain PR as nothing but covert advertising, deception, & manipulation
  • a survey found that 82% of executives feel that news coverage today reflects the reporter’s personal opinions & biases
  • most media are dependent on advertising revenues for survival
  • if the public increasingly takes a skeptical view of what they read/hear, the value of media as an objective & independent source of information is compromised
  • Media interviews: (some common questions)
  1. who are you?
  2. what is the story about?
  3. why did you call me?
  4. what are you looking for from me?
  5. who else are you speaking with?
  6. are you going to use my comments in your story?
  7. when is the story going to run?
  • news conference – where many reporters ask questions; it is called by an organization when there is important & significant news to announce; should be well organized, short, & punctual
  • junkets – a variation on the press preview is the press tour
  • fam trips – (familiarization tour) is similar to a junket but is within the travel and tourism industry

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