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Site Stats

Posted on: 11/14/2010

The topic of the week this week was to take a look at my site stats on wordpress under my dashboard. Under stats I was able to view many different things. What I found to be the best feature was being able to click on the specific days that I had created a new post and got individual stats about that day (how people got to the posts, how often each one was viewed, etc). It was nice to also see how many times my blog has been viewed overall and how many times on this particular day it has been; I was surprised to see that my blog has been viewed many more times than I thought. Honestly, I didn’t really find the site stats feature to be of much help, but I think for a PR professional or for an organization it could definitely be helpful. Being able to see how often your blog/site is being viewed could definitely give you somewhat of an insight of whether or not you should be updating as often as you are. The feature of seeing which posts have been viewed the most could give the PR professional insight to what their customers are most interested in and which they could care less about. I think it’s also helpful for the professional to be able to jump back to old posts without having to go through the entire blog.


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