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Chapter 6 Reading Notes

Posted on: 10/20/2010

Here are my notes on what I found interesting and most important from Chapter 6.

  • fact sheets = 1-page background sheets about an event/product/organization; media kit = aka press kit, contains news releases, fact sheets, & photos; media advisory = aka media alert, used to let assignment editors know about a newsworthy event/interview that could lend itself to photo/video coverage.
  • there are several kinds of fact sheets
  • media kits are typically 9×12 inches & has 4 sides (a cover, 2 inside pages, and a back cover w/ the organization’s name, address, & website); usually in an attractive folder
  • “fact sheets, background materials, and other supporting documents should be made available in a format that is easy for the journalist to recognize and access.”
  • Electronic press kits are more versatile than traditional printed media kits bc they can include many pieces of information in a variety of formats.
  • media kits often include a short, personalized letter to the editor that is considered a pitch for using the material
  • researching the pitch is probably the most important component; they need to be customized to a particular editor/publication
  • knowledge of the publication and the demographics of its audience are crucial for a successful pitch
  • the first rule of a pitch is brevity (less than a page or a screen); also your syntax and spelling should be flawless; your pitch should have an enticing lead
  • the majority of pitches are sent via e-mail, so the most important aspect of the pitch is the subject line
  • if you e-mailed, faxed, or mailed a pitch you should follow up; if they ask for more information during your follow up, make sure you send it within 24 hours (you should ask how they’d like to receive the information)

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