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PR OpenMic

Posted on: 10/19/2010

For our TOW #9, we were assigned to sign up on PR OpenMic and explore what all it offers. First off, PR OpenMic is another form of social network for students, professors, & PR professionals.

One thing I really like on the site is the different blogs available to read and comment on. From what I could see, anyone who is a member of PR OpenMic can post on these blogs. I read through a lot of these blogs and read/learned a lot of interesting things about the PR world. Not being a PR major, I think, has been difficult in the class because I almost have to “research” some aspects more than just reading the book.

Another aspect of the site that I really like was the Jobs/Internships. Although I’m not necessarily looking for an internship in the PR profession, some of these links could eventually lead me to other companies that may suit my field. I think that this part of the site will be extremely helpful for classmates/other students at GSU/other friends looking for internships, and even for those who have already graduated that are looking for a job. I also found it very interesting that PR OpenMic had their own view on internships & stated that they believe that students should be paid.

Finally, I really liked the Members tab. Being able to connect with other members that you don’t necessarily know or have to search for is a great aspect. I feel like on some other social networking sites you have to search hard to find people to connect with and in the end are unsuccessful completely or just settle with those that you already know personally.

I don’t know how often I will log on to PR OpenMic, but it will definitely be something I recommend to others that I know are majoring in PR or that may already be working in the field or trying to get into it that don’t know about the site.


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