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Finding and Making News

Posted on: 10/19/2010

Here are my notes/what I found most important from Chapter 4 in PR Writing & Media Techniques:

  • timeliness may be the most important characteristic of news.
  • if you insist on creating a special day, week, or month for your client (like many causes do now):  do have an educational component or call to action; make sure the campaign has a human element; find credible experts & partners for the media to interview
  • “If a celebrity doesn’t show up to an event or party, what will the media write about?” (well hopefully the event or party will be successful without the celebrity….why are celebrities the most important things now-a-days?!)
  • any situation or event that can affect a substantial number of people is significant
  • special events need interesting photo opportunities (this is especially important for me to know since I would like to be a special events coordinator!..REMINDER to self!)
  • internal news sources = important papers, periodicals, clipping files, or other published materials
  • brainstorming sessions = the point is to encourage everyone to express any idea that comes to mind.
  • it’s less certain what exactly constitutes a “special event” – some can include publicity stunts
  • a good alternative to polls and surveys is to compile a “top 10 list”
  • “you need something that is fun and irresistible to get people’s attention” – Kathy Carliner

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