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Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!

Posted on: 10/19/2010

Ok, so if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! It’s only the middle of the month, but every week/every day there is something going on to raise awareness. Last week, CRI (at Georgia Southern) and Zeta Tau Alpha hosted “Pilates for Pink” at the RAC. This was an event set up by Shape magazine and gyms across the nation hosted their own Pilates for Pink. I was unable to attend, so I’m not sure how exactly it was set up or anything, but from what I’ve heard from others there was a great turn out.
Since October began, I personally have dedicated numerous facebook statuses & tweets to this great cause and both of my pictures (on facebook & twitter) have a pink ribbon in the bottom right corner. I have always been concerned about breast cancer and have always helped with the cause, but I suppose I have more so this year since my mom was diagnosed last spring. Since being diagnosed she’s undergone many surgeries and seen many doctors and is now in the recovery stage (woohoo!!), but ever since we found out it seems as if more & more people keep popping up in our lives that are also survivors or that have been close to someone (such as a family member or friend) who has diagnosed, as well. It is crazy how many lives breast cancer (and any cancer at that) has affected in recent years. Every time you step in to a store there is something to purchase with proceeds to go the Susan G. Komen Organization; even in near-by Savannah there is a pink firetruck that is for breast cancer awareness that you can sign & take pictures with. (side note: my parents will be visiting this weekend and I fully plan on taking them to Savannah and finding this firetruck.)
So, whether you know someone personally who has dealt with breast cancer, have been diagnosed yourself, or have no connection to it what-so-ever, get out there do something! Help raise awareness and/or participate in some activity related to raising awareness/money for a cure! It’s so easy and probably right outside your door 🙂


4 Responses to "Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!"

I love your post. I has been the most inspirational and influential post I have read all semester. No, I do not tell all the bloggers that either. But, seriously congrats to your mother and family and may God continue to be with you all. I did not know that there were so many activites and organizations involved just here alone on campus. If GSU is doing it, and Savannah has a huge truck I’m sure everyone across the nation is as well. Here lately I see disaster all around but through the trouble I see that a lot of people in this nation and world are coming closer one way or another.

I’m really happy to hear that your mom is in the recovery stage. Cancer is a horrible plight which has ended too many lives way too early. It seems difficult for non-profit-cancer-awareness organizations to gather enough funding. There is certainly more buzz about breast cancer awareness this year than I have ever seen. Perhaps that has something to do with the NFL wearing pink.

Whatever the cause, I hope that with all of this funding that researchers will soon reach a breakthrough.

I absolutely love that you made a post about this. It is amazing to think of all the great things that have been developed to help support breast cancer research. My room mates and i started something new this year by collecting all of our yogurt lids and sending them into yoplait. Just these past few weeks we have collected over 50 lids which is 10 cents per lid. It may not seem like a lot but it can add up over time. One thing I have noticed a lot more of are products at the store that if you purchase them then part of the procedes will go to breast cancer research. Since my mother is also a breast cancer survivor I am so happy to see more being done to help find a cure for this disease. I am very glad to hear that you mother is recovering well!

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