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A Graduation & Trip to [hopefully] Remember Always

Posted on: 10/19/2010

I am currently 214 days away from graduating from Georgia Southern. And yes, I did just count all those days on my calendar. But more importantly, I am now 220 days away from boarding a plane and heading to Atlantis (Bahamas) with my parents to celebrate and get some rest/sun/fun/etc. in before starting my internship. I’ve always wanted to go to Atlantis and I’ve seen videos about it’s creation in my tourism classes and seen pictures from when friends have visited. However, I decided tonight that I wanted to get a mini “tour” and so I started on youtube. I found a short video that gave me a look at some things that I have not seen before at Atlantis and now I am more excited than when Mom told me we would be going!


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You will absolutely love the atlantis! My family has a beach house three blocks from the Atlantis and we absolutely love Nassau. Atlantis is a place where you literaly do not even have to leave the resort to get anything. One suggestion I do have is to walk down to the other end of paradise island and rent jet skiis for really cheap. Depending on the day you can pretty much name your price and they will let you go out on the water. My favorite part about the Atlantis is the amazing food and the aquarium. There is even a water slide that takes you through the aquarium that is really neat as well. I am so jealous you are going this summer you will have the best time of you life. Be careful though, those drink prices do add up 🙂

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This will be a great way to celebrate graduating! I graduate in spring 2011 and hopefully I will have enough money saved up to take a trip like this. I’ve never been to Atlantis before but from the video, it looks really fun. Going on this vacation will be a great way to visit with your family and meet new people. Who knows you may even make some new friends there. Hopefully you will have a great time celebrating being a Georgia Southern Graduate!

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I am so jealous! I have been thinking about where I want to go once I graduate, and I think that I have finally decided that I want to go to Italy or Greece! I cannot wait to see sites such as Vatican City. I would also love to go to Atlantis one day. I have heard nothing but great things about Atlantis. I hope that you have an amazing time, and I’m almost positive that you will remember this trip for the rest of your life. Congrats on graduating 🙂

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