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Posted on: 10/18/2010

I have been actively tweeting on Twitter for the past couple of years now, so the assignment for my PR Writing class of 1 week of Twitter was a mixture of easy and hard. It was easy for me, obviously, because I tweet on a daily basis most weeks (unless I’m super busy & don’t have time); I follow and reply to others/friends or retweet things I find interesting or funny. The difficult part though was trying to find new PR professionals to follow and respond to, which I’m fairly certain I failed at (sorry Prof. Nixon); it was nice though to be able to follow my classmates and see what some of them had to say, especially since this course is online and we don’t necessarily all know one another it was a great chance to see what things interested everyone. Since my major is no longer PR but Recreation and I am currently looking into internships for Summer 2011 I used the week to find new companies or professionals that work in the recreation/tourism field. I didn’t necessarily respond or retweet any of them, but even today it’s nice to log on to my account and see what they’re up to…it almost gives me an insight to what my life could be like if I were to intern/eventually work for them.
Like I said before, I mostly retweet things that I find interesting or funny, so here are a few people that I follow that I recommend (with links to their twitter profiles):
1. Funny or die
2. Conan O’Brien
3. Total Frat Move (yes, I realize not everyone will find these funny)
4. To Write Love On Her Arms (most days they post numerous inspirational quotes…love it!)
5. And, finally, a friend of mine, Joe Bryant

For anyone who would like to follow me, here is a link to my profile (: I don’t promise a lot of wit or charm or even anything interesting some days.


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I love every post I have seen about twitter. It is very useful and great for networking.

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