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Love is the Movement!

Posted on: 09/21/2010

Today, Monday September 20, Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley was found dead in his apartment from an apparent suicide. (to read one of many stories on this click here) Ever since this story broke, many people I follow on Twitter and am friends with on Facebook have had many thoughts/statuses about it. This young man was only 23-years-old and, according to those interviewed in the news stories, seemed perfectly fine within these last few weeks and days. While this story is extremely sad and death, let alone suicide, shouldn’t occur on a daily basis in general, I almost feel bad for those families and friends who have lost loved ones to suicide. I understand that Kenny was a football player in the NFL, but what about those who aren’t professional sports players or have a celebrity status? Yes, the world obviously wants to know what has happened when famous people pass away, but why is it that every day people end up dedicating their days/facebook statuses/twitter updates/etc to “grieving” over these people they probably never knew?!

Luckily there are people out there who speak for those who aren’t famous, they’re just like you & me (whoever we are); To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA has a great vision and story and I honestly thank the stars every day that this organization exists. I actively follow them on twitter, fan them on facebook, and try to promote events that occur close to my friends/family. On the TWOLHA website I read that approximately one million people die every year from suicide and by 2020 the rate of death will increase to 1 every 20 seconds. Some people probably try not to even think about suicide, but reality is that it happens every day and that shouldn’t be occurring. Whether you yourself relate to this personally, someone you know does, or none of the above, I wish that every person I know would at least attempt to bring this awareness out, you never know who you could end up helping. I don’t think I necessarily do everything that I need to, but I try and I think that that is the point in any organization. Just a couple weeks ago I tried to help promote National Suicide Prevention Week by writing love on my arm for those lost over the years. Some people who asked about it thought I was “out there” for doing it, while others thought that it was meaningful and even wrote love on their own arm to do their part.

love written on my arm one of the days for National Suicide Prevention Week

Basically, death happens every day, but suicide should not be one of those ways it happens. And famous people should not be the only ones we’re reminded to remember. So, thank you To Write Love On Her Arms for representing the rest of the world.


10 Responses to "Love is the Movement!"

This event is so important! I have heard about this event before but I never knew that it had such a huge impact on people or how popular it was until one day I actually saw people on my campus with “Love” written on their arms. People should be aware of those close to them and keep their eyes open. Sometimes we can’t even see when people are unhappy. Thanks for posting this!

I too just heard about this story on the news yesterday and it made me so sad. One thing that made it even worse for me is the fact that I heard people saying “oh well, he wasn’t a well known player.” I think it is ridiculous how so many people view suicide as a joke. As I was reading your blog post I looked into TWLOHA. I had never heard of this organization before but I am so happy there is a group like this out there keeping people aware of suicide issues. Suicide is a horrible and sad thing, and I hope more is done in the future to try and prevent it.

[…] Love is the moment by Stefanie Mardar […]

I personally knew Kenny. He played for South Cobb H.S and me Pebblebrook High. He was a very caring, talented and inspirational person. The news shocked me. I love this post!

Let me first start by saying that I love the Jim Morrison quote at the top of your page. He really was an amazing artist.

Secondly, I am of the opinion that America loves all things violent. Dare I say that given it’s viciously violent nature, they love suicide too? That would take some serious psycho analysis, and frankly, the sample population would be far too vast to figure in this lifetime. But the incessant gossip and opinions if this guy’s death are possibly attributable to the public’s thirst for blood. In the words of a popular rock band Tool “We don’t get pulsed until the blood is flowing. ..Vicariously I live while the whole world dies. You all feel the same so why can’t you just admit it?”

In my opinion there was another celebrity death that didn’t get quite enough attention. Look into Patt Tillman’s death. I assume you are unaware of the finer details of his early and unfortunate demise. As I eluded to earlier; “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.”

Thank you for the information and passion presented in this article. It has opened my eyes to a serious problem and to an organization that is working to help those suffering from depression–a non-profit organization whose mission it is to save one life at a time by informing, inspiring, encouraging and reaching out to invest directly in the lives of those so afflicted, and to help them with treatment and recovery. And you named it correctly–Love is the movement. Thank you for spreading the word. I will do my part and add the message and link to my blog. Peace.

It’s inspiring that you take time out of your life to remember those who took their own lives and to try and help those who are struggling. Suicide is clearly an issue in our society, and many of us don’t realize it. Writing the word “love” on your arm is a great way to create awareness because, obviously, people are going to ask why it’s there. Also, I had heard of TWLOHA, but I thought it was a band or some sort of group. Now that I know what it is and the great work it does, I will be sure to spread the word about this life-changing organization. Thank you!

Thanks for posting all of this information on organizations that exist to support those who have lost someone to suicide or have thought of committing suicide. It is so important for people to be aware that there are people who care and are willing to help them if they ever have suicidal thoughts. I remember reading about McKinley’s death in the news but no one ever thought to provide the public with information on how to recognize the signs someone is thinking about suicide, etc. Hopefully by getting the word out about these organizations, the suicide rate will decrease!

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