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Topic of the Week 2

Posted on: 08/31/2010

Grammar Girl:

The podcast I chose to listen to was Who versus Whom. Before it even began I knew I would learn something because I have always struggled with when to use whom. It definitely put me at ease to hear in the podcast that numerous people called and wrote in asking for Grammar Girl to discuss this issue; I feel like most people today just use Who whether it is correct or not.

I learned that whom deals with whatever the object of the sentence is. The example given was this: if I say “I love you” you would respond with “Whom do you love?” since You is the object of the sentence. I honestly don’t know that this was taught to me in any English class I have taken in the past 17 years of schooling (whoa! that’s a long time!..weird!). And I loved the “dirty tip” Grammar Girl gave at the end saying that if you could answer the question with “Him” you use “Whom” and if you could answer with “He” then use “Who”.

Thanks for the help Grammar Girl, I will definitely be visiting this site again for more tips!


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