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Chapter 2 Reading Notes

Posted on: 08/31/2010

Here are my notes from PR Writing and Media Techniques for chapter 2: Becoming a Persuasive Writer

  • Communication depends on 4 elements: the sender, receiver, message, & channel
  • the VALS model has many different lifestyle typologies: survivors and sustainers, belongers, and achievers. (I’ve actually done the VALS survey online for a class…I am a belonger & achiever)
  • Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs includes: physiological needs, safety, social, ego, and self-actualization. For the PR writer, you need to understand that the audience is looking to satisfy one, some, or all of these needs.
  • the PR writer needs to be aware of what the audience wants to know at all times
  • timing is everything!!!
  • to write persuasively you must be sensitive to semantics
  • “popularization happens when you get credible third parties to speak for your brand, and that is something PR can do extremely well.” – Scott Keough, chief marketing officer of Audi
  • PR writers should test their persuasive communication against 5 basic moral principles (TARES test)
  1. truthfulness
  2. authenticity
  3. respect
  4. equity
  5. social responsibility

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