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I just left a comment on Melissa’s Pr Connection post on Sun Palace Resort.

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I commented on Juliana Rabeler’s blog post entitled “I heart boobies bracelet’s banned

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GAP got a new look…NOT!

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I made a comment on Amber Laurin’s blog post entitled “Dancing with the ‘so-called’ stars”

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I posted a comment on the article “E-mail Subject Lines in 8 words or Less” on PRDaily by Christine Kent

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I posted a comment on Amy Green’s post “PR Connections Bora Bora

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I commented on Lindsey Bowers’ post “I Love the ‘Lolli-Ladies‘”

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I commented on Alicia Addison’s post “Using Social Media to Jumpstart Your Career


I’m not quite sure if this is the right thing to be doing for my PR Connections, but I still found this interesting otherwise. As some people know, I used to have an odd love for the band/commercials, so of course I was devastated when I heard the company was looking for a new band. And now, according to they have found their winners! This band will debut at the MTV Awards on Sept.12 and I can only hope they are just as wonderful as the original band.

Grammar Girl:

The podcast I chose to listen to was Who versus Whom. Before it even began I knew I would learn something because I have always struggled with when to use whom. It definitely put me at ease to hear in the podcast that numerous people called and wrote in asking for Grammar Girl to discuss this issue; I feel like most people today just use Who whether it is correct or not.

I learned that whom deals with whatever the object of the sentence is. The example given was this: if I say “I love you” you would respond with “Whom do you love?” since You is the object of the sentence. I honestly don’t know that this was taught to me in any English class I have taken in the past 17 years of schooling (whoa! that’s a long time!..weird!). And I loved the “dirty tip” Grammar Girl gave at the end saying that if you could answer the question with “Him” you use “Whom” and if you could answer with “He” then use “Who”.

Thanks for the help Grammar Girl, I will definitely be visiting this site again for more tips!

Here are my notes from PR Writing and Media Techniques for chapter 2: Becoming a Persuasive Writer

  • Communication depends on 4 elements: the sender, receiver, message, & channel
  • the VALS model has many different lifestyle typologies: survivors and sustainers, belongers, and achievers. (I’ve actually done the VALS survey online for a class…I am a belonger & achiever)
  • Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs includes: physiological needs, safety, social, ego, and self-actualization. For the PR writer, you need to understand that the audience is looking to satisfy one, some, or all of these needs.
  • the PR writer needs to be aware of what the audience wants to know at all times
  • timing is everything!!!
  • to write persuasively you must be sensitive to semantics
  • “popularization happens when you get credible third parties to speak for your brand, and that is something PR can do extremely well.” – Scott Keough, chief marketing officer of Audi
  • PR writers should test their persuasive communication against 5 basic moral principles (TARES test)
  1. truthfulness
  2. authenticity
  3. respect
  4. equity
  5. social responsibility

Here are my notes from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques Chapter 1: Getting Organized for Writing

  • PR is composed of 4 components: research, planning, communication, and evaluation. (I found this interesting because these are some of the basic components of Marketing, as well.)
  • most daily newspapers use Webster’s New World Dictionary, college version and the most widely used stylebook is Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law
  • It is important for the professional writer to keep up with developments in the field and to learn about new techniques that can improve different skills.
  • “do not mistake the Web for an encyclopedia, and the search engine for a table of contents.”
  • the average sentence is 15-17 words
  • PR writers should write to their target audience
  • credibility is sacrificed when spelling errors appear in pr materials. (does this include grammar mistakes, as well?)
  • errors also brand you as careless, unprofessional, and inconsiderate of your audience.
  • there is an ongoing controversy about what is politically correct…PR professionals need to be aware of changes so they don’t offend audiences.

Social Media:

As of right now, I currently use facebook and twitter daily, and I recently signed up for LinkedIn. I mainly use facebook and twitter to keep in touch with people and also to keep up with different things going on in the world. I signed up for LinkedIn because I thought it would be a good way to connect with people throughout the country and world that work in the field that I am interested in; this is especially important right now since I am in my senior year and am starting to look for an internship and eventually a job. Other than those social networking sites I don’t really use any other social media, but I look forward to participating in more this year.


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