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Wait, what’s dating consist of again?!

Posted on: 04/30/2009

One of my friend’s from home emailed me a link to a blog post that I found to be very interesting/entertaining so I thought I would share it here with everyone. It is entitled “Does anybody date anymore?” and I just think it is perfect for college students all over to read, because really.. DOES anybody date anymore?! I can honestly say I haven’t been on a date (like what we see in movies and on tv shows, etc.) in over a year … ridiculous! I almost feel like I could have written the post, but I didn’t so here is the link, please go read and enjoy!startdating1 DISCLAIMER: THIS ARTICLE DOES HAVE SOME INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE…JUST IN CASE YOU AREN’T COMFORTABLE WITH THAT!


1 Response to "Wait, what’s dating consist of again?!"

Great article!! Why can’t guys just take us girls on a date?!?!

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