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Bang Bang Choo Choo Train … Anyone Need A Credit Check?

Posted on: 04/30/2009

Ok, so for anyone who knows me/my roommate, we don’t regularly watch TV and when we do there is a very good chance that it is stuck on channel 8 (the guide channel). But for the occasional and few times that we change it to something more entertaining we mostly look forward to certain commercials. These commercials are just fabulous and we have memorized them to the point where we not only sing along for our own entertainment, but we also entertain our friends/brighten their days when they need brightening.
Here are a couple examples:


I realize that both of these companies have made numerous commercials, but these are by far the best two that both I and my roommate know every word to! If anyone ever needs a “pick me up” or just a good laugh, let one of us know and we will whip out one of the above commercials for ya!

Oh and here’s one that I must add that doesn’t have a song, but just a great quote at the end that I absolutely love! Cell phone commercials have had some great moments in the past, but this is by far my favorite one as of yet.

“she thinks you’re super delicious”


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