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Twittering Forever

Posted on: 04/22/2009

Ok, so for my PR class we were supposed to do another 48 hours on Twitter, which I did, but I have been keeping up with twitter this entire time. Nothing has suprised me on twitter as of yet, but who knows..anything can happen. I’ve kept up with my account mainly because my good friends from back home (Richmond, Va) are on there and it’s an easy way for me to keep up with them. Besides my friends I actually know, I do currently follow other people, some famous, some in PR, and some just random. Here are my 3 top PR people I would recommend to be followed:
Mich Sineath
Event Profs (because I want to be an event planner)
I am recommending these 3 because all of them tweet about things that deal with PR and internships, but they also tweet about current things going on.
If you aren’t already and would like to follow me, go for it! I am always up for new followers! 🙂


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