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Interview with a PR Professional

Posted on: 04/07/2009

For my Intro to PR class we were given an assignment to interview a Public Relations Professional! So for mine, I interviewed a friend of mine who graduated from Georgia Southern, Michael Jung.

Michael currently works in the Corporate and Social Marketing Department at Ketchum Public Relations. Ketchum is the second largest PR firm in the world. Some clients that Michael has worked with are: The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS), Geek Squad, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Erickson Retirement Communities and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Here are the questions that I asked:

1.What’s a typical week like? (If no week is typical, then what was last week like?) 
Generally I don’t have a typical week.  I have specific things that I have to do everyday for specific clients, but for the most part each week provides something new and often times challenging that I have not had the chance to work on yet.

2. Tell me about a project you worked on that you are especially proud of. 
Personally the project that I have worked on the most, that has given me the most pride in what I have done is work on the Digital Television Transition campaign.  The work has been for NTIA (the National Telecommunications and Information Administration) and has been some of the most interesting and in depth campaign work that I have had the privilege to work on.
3. How important is writing in your career? 
Personally, I have not had to do much first hand writing at all, BUT I will say that writing is VERY important in the PR field.  Though I am just an entry level PR Practitioner, I have seen the importance and results that come from a well written piece of literature.
4. What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?
2.      Writing skills will take you farther that you would think
3.      JOIN PRSSA and be active… Firms look for people with leadership experience and those that go to extra mile to help further their career.
5. What do you do to keep current in the PR industry? 
The private intranet at my firm keeps me apprised to many of the changes and current trends that are happening in the PR industry.  Publications like PR Weekly are also a HUGE asset.  
6. Did your education prepare you for working in PR? How?  
Yes, I feel that my education prepared me for the PR world, however I do wish that I had been able to spend more time on some things as opposed to others.  I will say the aspect of my education that has benefited me the most has been my strong writing background as well as my design background in such programs as InDesign.
7. What has surprised you the most about working in PR? 
The extensive research that has to go into every aspect of a campaign before anything can even be considered to be finalized.

8. What do you wish you would have known before starting your career in PR?
I really wish I had known the importance and necessity of paying dues in this industry.  Though the Public Relations industry is a wonderful and rewarding field to go into, all new pr practitioners will have to go through many trials of paying dues and proving themselves in the PR world.


3 Responses to "Interview with a PR Professional"

I really enjoyed reading this blog post! I think it’s really cool because he is a recent graduate so he is able to relate to us really easily! I really liked his tips for PR majors, I think his advice is really relatable for us as PR Majors. I also really like how in every interview I’ve read Professionals always say they don’t have a typical week, something I am looking forward to! Great Interview!!

Mackenzie ❤

[…] on Stef’s Blog | Apr 15th 2009 Comment on Stef’s Blog Post “Interview with a PR Professional,” April 15, 2009 Posted in […]

Hey Stef! I also really enjoyed reading about your itnerview. It seems like Michael really gave you the information that you, and the rest of us, need to know about public relations. It was very helpful and i’ll keep everything he told in mind. Thanks for sharing!

Kristen Arnwine

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