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Top 10 Tips for Job Interviewing

Posted on: 03/14/2009

So, this is kind of a late post, but in my Intro to PR class a couple weeks ago we were discussing interviewing and came up with a lot of really important tips. Some of these I knew, and have actually told friends about & done them myself, and some I had no idea!

1. Wear your name tag on the right. (I never knew this, I figured if you wore it on the right that by reaching across it would completely block your name which defeats the whole purpose of the tag. However, we learned in class that your eyes naturally are drawn to the right. Now that I think about this, it makes a lot of sense, so tell all your interviewee friends!)

2. Stand up whenever someone comes into the interview room, whether it be a male or a female.

3. Send a thank you letter afterwards. If more than 1 person was interviewing you, send one to each person (send an email immediately after, and then send a handwritten one. If you’re handwriting is not good, then type it)….

4. Make sure you get the correct spelling of those people that are interviewing you. (How embarassing would that be to send a thank you letter with the wrong spelling?! I would just die!)

5. Take your resume with you, even if they already have it.

6. Have some questions prepared to ask them (One I always ask: When can I expect to hear from you about the next stage in our process?, but never ask: How much will I be getting paid?)

7. Make sure y0ur cell phone is either off or on silent. (I personally don’t even take mine in with me to the interview, I leave it in the car)

8. Keep good eye contact and posture..aka: keep good body language! and stay focused! (No one wants to be interviewing someone who can’t even stay focused)


10. Dress nicely. Men should wear suits with ties & women should be in either pants suits or skirts. (This seemed like an obvious one, but I guess some people just don’t realize. If you are not comfortable in a skirt, though, wear pants…be yourself while still being professional!)


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