Peace Love & Sillyness

Wag the Dog

Posted on: 02/16/2009

After watching this movie, I feel that the practitioners fell into the Absolute value orientation. Throughout the entire movie they did all that they could to protect/help their client (the President), without really thinking about the consequences. The decisions they had to make, such as the “war” in Albania and everything that happened with “Old Shoe”, were quick ones, so they had to trust that their ideas were right. No matter what happened they always had a new plan in a matter of minutes, which was not only impressive, but was almost intimidating because I’m not sure that I can think that quick on my feet all the time.

According to the PRSA Code of Ethics, the PR practitioners in this movie were unethical in that they were not honest. Not one thing that they told the public was true in any way. However, they were loyal to their client in that they were faithful to him and did everything they could to protect him.

In the beginning of the movie, it was said that “the dog wags its tail”..the tail cannot wag the dog because it is not smarter than the dog. So, I think that the logic behind the phrase “wag the dog” is that the dog represents the public and the wag represents the  PR practitioners & how they were able to get the public to think a certain way. This was shown throughout the entire movie with everything they were doing with their commercials and the war and “old shoe”.

I think that this movie made PR professionals look like scheming and unethical people. However, this movie did show that the PR professional is willing to do anything they can for their client. After seeing this movie I really did have to question myself about how far I would be willing to go for my client & how that would effect my career.


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